• Under self defence training in Government schools and villages, AHWAAHAN has reached 3241 young girls in Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharastra. Totally more than 1532 adolescent boys completed gender sensitization sessions as of 2022-23.
  • Champions are unique feature of AHWAAHAN. There are 350 champions identified who are willing to give time to support the other girls in the community. The champions will continue practice in their schools.
  • The AHWAAHAN consortium is a group of like-minded CSR groups and individuals who are passionate and commit to gender equal & harmonious communities. They come together to design, implement and fund the initiative.

The self defence training is customized for dealing with real-life situations faced by girls in everyday life.

Feedback from the Students

Feedback from the Students

Education & Culture

  • Kaluram Ghurka Vidyadayini Vidyalayam (KGVV) set up in 2009 to provide value based education in remote areas in Nalgonda district.
  • KGVV is a unique English medium school promoting innovation, creativity, sports & culture among the young generation for holistic development
  • Financial assistance to several educational institutions to enable them to provide free education and facilities for girl students from poor families.
  • Scholarships to poor students to continue education
  • Financial assistance to organizations promoting world peace , harmony and spiritual pursuits

KGVV building on a 2 acre own premises

Proud staff of KGVV

Students receiving award from Chairman, SRCT

Science Project in progress by GRIET ATL

Natural Calamities - COVID 19 Relief & Others

  • In Covid-19 369 dry ration & nutrition kits were distributed including 30 childrens immunity kits.
  • Covid relief centers were supported with beds, disposable blankets, pillow covers in Telangana and Jharkhand.
  • 2 Oxygen concentrators were donated.
  • Support to 30 KGVV school teachers, health workers with disposable masks (15000)
  • Water center's are opened every year to provide free clean drinking water to general public during heat wave.

Blankets distribution at Chukam Village, Noida

Cots for covid relief centers operated by Mahboobnagar Administration

Distribution 1 sweater, 1 blanket, 1 thermal, 1 pair of shoes and 1 track suit

School kits distribution by our staff to affected families

Skill Development

  • Tailoring centres have benefitted hundreds of slum based women with higher income options
  • In Ghattuppal, Sivannagudem village & Quthbullapur more than 160 women are trained in tailoring and given sewing machines for skill development for better incomes during covid-19

Women learning Tailoring in a centre at Anthampet

Women learning tailoring at Threatpally

Women learning Tailoring in a centre at Puttapaka

Computer training centre in Puttapaka


    • Four community managed drinking water treatment plants in flouride affected Nalgonda district impacting 4000 Families
    • 100 bed hospital in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan saving people the travel to Jodhpur
    • Free surgeries to flourine -affected victims in collaboration with NIMS , Hyderabad
    • On going access to health services in the interior areas of Nalgonda thru several general health, eye, and dental camps in rural areas
    • Cash and in-kind support to Organizations working in Thalessemia, Pallaiative Cancer care , Organ donation etc

Community managed Drinking water plant in Chandur Mandal

Women collecting Fluoride free drinking water

Regular Free Health camps conducted at Ghattuppal


  • Financial assistance for football coaching to students in 3 Government schools in Tamil Nadu
  • Financial assistance to table tennis coaching in Tamil Nadu
  • Many students who were coached are competing at State level championships

Girl Students playing kabadi

Students playing volleyball

Students at the Chandra Table Tennis Trust

Accolades to Umesh from Chandra Table Tennis Trust , Chennai